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SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 2

2018.10.07 03:11 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 2

And with 2006 began the Golden Age of SYTYCD.
Top 20
Erin Ellis- Erin has the misfortune of being eliminated early on and having a very common name, making internet stalking her very difficult. She is listed on the faculty at a dance studio in Nashville where her bio mentions a few TV and music video credits. Instagram indicates she is married and had a baby boy last year.
Stanislav Savich- Post-SYTYCD it looks like he continued dancing profesionally. It seems like he taught some classes at Denise Wall's studio, although he is no longer listed. Didn't find too much about him but his bio for faculty at local dance school from few years ago says he has been an instructor in Moscow, Hong Kong, Canada and throughout the United States, including at Columbia University.
Top 18
Jason Williams- Me after complaining Erin had a common name; however, he seems to be doing a lot and has a really active social media presence. He has a number of film and TV credits, including Fame and No Strings Attached, and was part of on of Lady Gaga's first U.S. television appearances on SYTYCD in 2008. Seems like he is working as a dancechoreographer in LA and recently choreographed for the Emmy's Governor's Ball.
Joy Spears- I mostly remember her as Dmitry's first victim, but she seems to have some IMBD credits (Nashville, Passengers, CMT Music Awards) and was teaching at dance schools in Alabama and Nashville. Recently she appeared in a choreographed for this Florida Georgia Line video.
Top 16
Aleksandra Wojda- Dmitry's second victim. She has some interesting IMBD credits, in addition to working in videos for Lady Gaga, Sara Bareilles, and others. Apparently she graduated from Northwestern with dual degrees in Communication Sciences & Disorders and International Studies. It seems like she does some traveling teaching master classes around the U.S. There were probably a million accounts with the name "Aleksandra Wojda" on Instagram and when I finally found hers it had 0 posts, but she does have a different last name so I'm assuming she's married.
Ben Susak- BEN AND HEATHER ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER. Sorry but I always thought this guy belonged in and Austin Powers movie or something, largely due to him having one of the most unfortunate contestant pics in SYTYCD history. But I digress. After SYTYCD, he continued working professionally (Cirque de Soleil, VMAs, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, to name a few) and was recently performing across the U.S. in the National Tour of Wicked. All his social media is private so that's all I got.
Top 14
Jessica Fernandez- Firstly, I am shocked that she was only 19 on the show, I thought she was mid-twenties. Unfortunately, I can't really find out anything about her other than a comment on a YouTuve video from 2010 that says she is a dance teacher.
Jaymz Tuaileva- Not sure about anyone else but he mostly sticks out in my memory for the unforgivable spelling of the name James. Starbucks must be a nightmare for him. Some of his professional credits include dancing for Nikki Minaj and most recently, Cher. He also has made appearances on SYTYCD and DWTS. According to Instagram, has an 11 year old daughter.
Top 12
Ashlee Nino- Filling this season's Ashle/Ashlee/Ashley/Ashleigh quota, was Ashlee Nino, who after somehow surviving one of the worst discos I have seen on SYTYCD becoming the 3rd victim of the curse of Dmitry (but can we really blame Dmitry for this though), went on to perform with a slew of music artists, including Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, and The Roots, among others, and Cirque du Soleil. She was also a body double for Hannah Montanna during her Best of Both World's concert, which I do find very weird and interesting. Recently she directed and produced a commercial for dog treats, has been teaching classes, and danced for LL Cool J. According to Instagram, she met her husband while working for Selena Gomez and they have a 2ish year old son. It seems that she drums as well. This write up got kinda long because I did not like her much on the show but she seems to have a pretty cool life now.
Musa Cooper- According to wikipedia his is married and living in New Jersey working as a professional dancepossibly a professional trainer. It seems like he's also been in a number of commercials and was on tour with Alicia Keys in 2008.
Top 10
Martha Nichols- She is listed as a teacher at Broadway Dance Center in NY, where is says she has danced in a bunch of awards shows (VMA, MTV, etc), with musical artists such as Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, and was in La La Land. In addition, she has taught classes around the world, choreographed for several music videos, and is on the faculty at NYCDA.
Dmitry Chaplin- After SYTYCD, he appeared as a professional on DWTS and is currently on the Ukrainian version of DWTS. He has periodically returned to SYTYCD (U.S., Holland, Ukraine, Canada) to choreograph and earned an Emmy nomination in 2008. IMBD lists a few television credits, including choreographer for 24 episodes of Bones, a show which my brain would never have associated with the word choreography. A few years ago I remember he toured with Chelsie Hightower (Season 4).
Top 8
Allison Holker- Since her season ended, she has been busy fulfilling her duties as the First Lady of SYTYCD. Of course she married Season 4 contestant Stephen "tWitch" Boss and they have a daughter and son. She was, somewhat confusingly, cast as a professional on Dancing with the Stars despite being a contemporary dancer and makes regular appearances as an All-Star on recent SYTYCD seasons. In 2013, she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography.
Ryan Rankine- As of 2016, he was performing with Creative Outlet Dance Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. He also had a Broadway dance credit for Fela! in 2009 and has some teaching videos on YouTube but not finding much else.
Top 6
Natalie Fotopoulos- Natalie also toured with Wicked in 2011 and choreographed for SYTYCD Greece in 2007. I actually know someone who is Facebook friends with her and it says she sells Younique now which may be the most disappointing find to date. It also looks like she got married in 2016 and now works at a dance studio in Tennessee.
Ivan Koumaev- Ivan is currently touring with Justin Timberlake, but has also worked with artists such as Usher, Justin Beiber, and Jason Derulo. It looks like he also owns a recording studio and played a role in creating movement for the animated movie Trolls along with teaching master classes.
4th Place
Heidi Groskreutz- According to her Twitter (which to be fair it looks like she doesn't update) bio, she is "an Emmey nominated dancer." At some point she was living and touring in London. I'm pretty sure she also married a well-known ballroom dancer who was twice as old as her in 2008 and they are living in luxury. They had a son in 2012.
3rd Place
Donyelle Jones- After SYTYCD, she appeared on America's Best Dance Crew. She has choreographed and performed in the Wayne Brady Show, taught at a number of dance conventions and studios, and was featured in music videos for artists such as Missy Elliot. Recently she has been teaching master classes. Unfortunately a while ago I saw that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer but it looks like she is doing well. Her Instagram bio also says she's married.
2nd Place
Travis Wall- If Allison and tWitch are the first couple of SYTYCD, then Travis is the king. Travis regularly choreographs for the show, and has earned several Emmy nominations and two wins. He was also featured in a reality show about Shaping Sound, the company he formed with Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini, and Kyle Robinson. He has done choreography for VMAs, DWTS, and Nastia Liukin (U.S. gynastics) to name a few and continues to teach master classes.
Benji Schwimmer- After the show, Benji continued to dance and teach professionally, winning several more Swing Champion titles. He was hired as Paula Abdul's creative director and choreographer around 2009 and co-starred in the 2010 dance film Leading Ladies (which also starred Melanie LaPatin). He at one point owned a dance studio, but I think he is more involved with his family's dance center. More recently he has choreographed for figure skaters such as Jeremy Abbott and Adam Rippon. According to wiki, Benji was actually the Top 20 alternate and ended up taking Hokuto Konishi's place when his Visa didn't clear. I don't know if I ever knew that.
Wow I really burn out by the end of these. Feel free to make an corrections/additions.
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